ainos is a non-govermental and non-profit organisation that focuses on conducting research and innovation activities for the green, digital and just transition of local communities under the principles of sustainability and social responsibility.

It is formulated by a group of people sharing common understanding and interest about digital and sustainable transformation of local communities in light of both socioeconomic and environmental related challenges.



Community Engagement

Formulation of thematic networks of experts, participatory activities and multi-actor collaboration, consultation, and engagement.

Solutions Codesign

Collaborative definition of user requirements and system specifications, design of modular architectures for complex systems.

Research & Development

Research and development focusing on the digital, green and sustainable transition of local societies.

Quality Control & Ethics

Stringent quality assurance and control processes to meet high standards, ensuring the conduction of responsible and ethical research

Capacity Building

Development of adequate skills, knowledge and abilities, organisation of capacity building activities at different levels.

Dissemination & Impact

Dissemination, impact creation and sustainability.

Contact us

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